The Momentorium was one of five commissions to make a mini-show within The Good Neighbour at BAC in 2012 and re-mounted in 2013 (with Michael Cusick as The Momentologist). This building-wide show for 6-12 year olds (and all those young at heart!) takes its audience on a hunt around The Old Town Hall for the story of George Neighbour.

This was a commission in collaboration with performer Matthew Blake and with video and projection by Max Dovey. We wanted to explore the themes of what makes a life worth living, death as a part of the cycle of life and the role of storytelling as form of life after death - big themes for a young audience! We created The Momentoruim, a place where the world's only Momentologist collects and watches over the precious moments of people's lives. Each drop of water falling from above represents a moment of significance and each jar it falls into is a particular person's life. And if you hold the jar up to the light at just the right angle, sometimes you can see the special moments of their life playing out in front of you.....

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photos: James Allan