A Small Tale: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a Punchdrunk Enrichment project for primary schools, led by the teacher in the classroom. It aims to inspire and develop imaginative teaching practices for literacy; placing the teacher at the centre of the creativity.

Directed and written by Tara Boland, designed by myself with book illustrations by Grace Brennan.

The teacher and their class read a mysterious old picture book about two mischievous and messy tiny people with a love of stories but when they return to the book the following day the pages are all blank, except for two sets of tiny footprints… and they discover that the tiny characters have escaped. Will the pupils be able to get them back to safety, before it’s too late?

Teachers are given all the tools to lead a creative learning project for their pupils which aims to ignite and inspire a passion for writing whilst raising standards in reading, speaking and listening.

This project is suitable for years 1 - 4.


photos: Paul Cochrane

photos: Stephen Dobbie