An interactive family trail at Scarborough Art Gallery, Summer 2021. Inspired by the history of the building as a family home, The Sea Fairies weaves a little magic through the Gallery, encouraging children and their grown ups to see through the eyes of these magical beings. 

"The Fairies have called The Crescent home since before the Big People built houses here. They have seen all the comings and goings as the land was sold, a grand building constructed and finally one becoming a Gallery.

They like to build things out of what they find in nature as well as what they find around the house. Fairies are good at hiding, sometimes there can be one right in front of you and you won’t be able to see it, not unless they want you to. They live everywhere, but especially like places that the Big People call Home."

Designed and created by me. I also led workshops at the Gallery,  helping families to create some Fairy crafts.

Photos: Tony Bartholomew